Gabby Malpas – Prints on Canvas


“Poppies” by Gabby Malpas

As you know, Adrian and I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty incredibly Artists since we made the big foray in to both retail and Gallery life. Among them, we discovered Gabby Malpas who first showed with the underground ARTspace in 2010, and has remained a loyal Artist and firm friend ever since.

Gabby’s unique style isas breathtaking as the quality of her work, her presentations – and her rich vibrant colours are as huge as her personality.

Gabby has a fantastic website which you should certainly check out, and has recently (after a long long time researching, sampling and working to get the right supplier both in ethics and quality) released her line of Cotton Canvas Prints. Not only are they fabulous – the price is simply extraordinary. You can’t afford to miss this!

The image attached is the one we will be purchasing for our daughter Lanya’s Christmas or Birthday. We have long since made it a point to buy Lanya things of substance as opposed to plastic bits and bobs that ultimately end up in landfill.  Let’s face it, to my (very biased) mind Art heads that category…We are blessed to have a child that agrees, and appreciates Art as we do.

The following is taken from Gabby’s website:

At present I am offering three sizes:

A2 – 40cm x 60cm = $100.00AU
A1 – 60cm x 84cm = $200AU
A0 – 84cm x 119cm = $300.00AU

Each print is produced in waterproof oil-based inks on cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame.  I have chosen the materials for their natural feel (cotton, rather than nylon), and for their durability.  Please keep artworks out of direct sunlight so ensure the colours stay bright for many years.

Below is a small selection of works I have available as prints on canvas.  Nearly every work I have produced can be printed – if you see something you like, please get in touch.

Please also be aware that as this item is produced overseas there will be a lead time of a few weeks if I do not have one already in stock.