Loobylou at Finders Keepers


We all love it when ARTspace business achieve a little bit of love. We’re surrounded by super talent down at the ARTspace – each person doing many creative ventures – usually at the same time. The place is a buzzing hub, a vortex of great ideas an good energy. It’s one of the things it’s creators (and cleaners) are most proud.¬†For those of you who haven’t realised, Loobylou candles is Kere and Adrian’s new venture, located within their beloved ARTspace.

It started an idea when Kere was in hospital having her first transplant, and was REALLY investigating her home environment including the candles she was burning constantly. Having retailed candles as a best seller for many years, it was a shocking discovery that all the ones claiming to be ‘earth friendly’ and Eco – were also intact filled with chemical stabilisers. People were actually taking a natural wax – and bunging it full of chemicals. She told the Nurse (wh thought she was suitably mad) that when she got this whole surviving thing sorted, she was going to create a candle brand. A simple brand, causing less harm.

And then came Loobylou – the name being a combination of an old nickname of Kere’s (looby), and one of her daughters (lou).

Now, all this time, dreams, experimenting, researching, planning, failing and extraordinary effort is really coming to fruition having been invited to attend Finders Keepers Sydney this year. Loobylou candles with be debuting the entire range of 10 signature scents, 3 baby scents and 4 Christmas fragrances.

Further to that, and to fully walk their talk about their commitment to waste reduction and causing less harm, the couple have constructed the entire stand using reclaimed, re-worked and found objects.

Super excited for Finders Keepers – and good luck Loobylou. Hope to see you there.