Resident Artists + Creatives

I love the evolution of the ARTspace. It’s been my biggest ‘leap and the net shall appear story EVER!  After a solid year of looking for an affordable, beautiful and stable place to create – I happened upon the ARTspace. It was certainly not on my radar to create neither Studio or Large Gallery space (I was still decorating – and attempting to be a retailer) but I kind of figured that if I’d been looking for so long, surely there were others. Adrian, Lanya and I took the ultimate leap of faith, and went ahead with it.

Now, over four years in, our studios are full – mainly with really long term Creatives, which is a nice testament to what we’ve done. We’ve kept the place running at cost – making it a viable cost option for those of us at the early stages of our respective careers, and we’ve kept it stable enough that we have a long term (should you want it) affordable, safe space filled with other creatives.

Each of us – myself being no exception, initially worked at home, in a single studio but alone. We each wondered how we would go in a group environment – could we be creatively ‘free’ with others around? Turns out, the combined creative energy FEEDS us. I can’t tell you how nice it is when you’re wondering whether to keep going, or stop a work, or just how nice it is having a fresh pair of eyes is.  There’s also usually someone going on a coffee run, just as you need it as an epic bonus!

underground ARTspace has always had a real mixed bag of residents – which translates to a huge net of experience and talent. At this very moment we have Artists (in several mediums), a photographer, toy maker, candle maker and an Artistic Videographer/Director. We’re a space for those following their creative journey – whatever the stage of it you’re on.

We’ve never cared at what level you were in your field, or even which creative field that was, our goal was to provide space for like minded, good quality people with a desire to live a creative life, and be a good human being. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that right?

Have a look at some of our current residents pages- and what gifts they’re sharing…

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