Simply, a space for the ARTS. A destination/location/platform set up by Kere M Baker of Red Olive Studios (retail and design). In an effort to provide affordable Studio and Exhibition space, somewhere for local creatives to, well, create…the underground ARTspace was founded.

Initially ARTspace flew under the Red Olive Studios banner, however the ARTspace itself has been the core of it all,the constant.  Now,  Red Olive rents a teeny weeny retail spot within the ARTspace, and Kere’s office is there too for when she returns to work.

Our goals and plans for the New Year are to continue to educate, create and go back to providing Group and Solo shows for Artists, we are looking at hosting kids and Adults Creative classes, both with our own Artists network, and with others coming in to host their own – so there’ll be lots of opportunities and perspectives.


t’s a great little ‘underground’ spot at 294 Sydney Road, Balgowlah which we’ve turned into Studio and Gallery space for local Artists. It’s been a LONG process – lots of learning along the way, but I’m really stoked about all of it – including the Artists that I’ll get to do what I love surrounded by.

It’s an Underground space, which is quite special – there’s a kind of exclusive, boutique feel about it. It’s raw and industrial, and pretty unique really. There’s also an incredible backyard which has seen many days with easels and paint on sunny days, bubbles and tealight candles on opening nights…Something for everyone! We’ve had the studios running since Easter 2010, and the Gallery part of the space officially opened with astounding success on August 5th 2010 with the group show ‘Editors Pic(k)s’.

We will be running both Group and Solo shows throughout the year, so keep checking out the ‘What’s New’ section of this website to see who we’re showing and when. I’ll be posting some ideas soon for the Group shows planned for next year.

The hours of open are dependent on each show – and what is going on at the time, so do check this regularly. It’s not a typical 9-5pm retail space, so maybe call first to avoid disappointment. We’ll endeavour to get as much as we can online too so you can see things in the comfort of your home before making the trek! We’re pretty flexible with after hours appointments for art viewing, so don’t hesitate to call me if you can’t make the opening hours, and don’t want to miss out on viewing the shows.

We will be taking submissions for upcoming shows (both solo and group) routinely, so email all expressions of interest/submissions to: kere@redolivestudios.com .  It is the intention of Underground ARTspace to present a balance of genres and types of artistic expression throughout the year. This means that not all applications will be successful. This is due to many factors and should not be taken as any sort of rejection, or a judgment of the quality of your work.

It’s a really wonderful space, with kitchen and full bathroom facilities, an incredible leafy and inspiring backyard and in the company of some beautiful and talented like minded people. Soon each of the Studio Artists/Creatives working with us  will have their own little area on this website too, along with being displayed at various times between shows in the gallery.

Even if you’re not looking for a Studio or Exhibition space, you might be wanting to run workshops/seminars/lectures/functions or hold Art classes,  – all of which we’re really open to having a chat about. I’m personally wanting someone to do some hebel sculpting lessons – that’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…Watch this space!

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